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    On-Chain & Off-Chain Analysis

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    Unparalleled Data Integrations

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An Impressive suite of
tools to cover all your data needs

  • Analytics

    Intuitive No-code Analytics platform with easy query and dashboard editor to make analytics a breeze for everyone in your team.

  • Subgraph Analyzer

    The power to Explore and Visualise subgraph data in real-time and build dashboards.

  • AI Studio

    AI-assisted blockchain analyzer to automatically create charts queried with natural language.

  • DataBOT

    Platform-exclusive DataBOTs to retrieve analytics on your social channels such as Discord, Telegram, and more.


    Developer-friendly SDK to integrate powerful analytics with your project using DappLooker APIs.

Smart Contract & Subgraph AnalyticsSmart Contract & Subgraph Analyticsweb3 Analytics | AI Studio Analytics web3 Analytics | DataBOT AnalyticsSmart Contract Analytics | Integrate API SDK
Customer KPIs
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Unleash Efficiency
Maximize Savings and Enable Community

Experience time-saving no-code analytics and cost-effective solutions. Empower non-tech community with data-driven approaches, fostering inclusive decision-making. Our partners have achieved impressive results.


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Why DappLooker ?
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The most powerful way
to analyze Web3 data

What sets us apart is our comprehensive and exclusive features, making us a one-stop solution for your project’s analytics.

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No-Code Advantage

A dedicated visual query builder makes querying data possible in a few clicks, coupled with a drag-and-drop dashboard editor for faster dashboard creation.

Beyond Smart Contracts

Along with Smart Contracts, integrate other data sources such as Network Subgraphs, Self hosted Subgraphs, SubQuery and more.

On-Chain & Off-Chain Analysis

Manage data in a single place using Off-chain data integration, by uploading CSV File or integrating your JSON APIs.

Embedding & API SDK

Easily integrate charts and dashboards with a simple click via embed links or access data effortlessly through robust APIs and seamless SDK integration.

Use Cases
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tailored solutions
for your Unique Needs

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DeFi Reports

Craft engaging reports featuring stunning charts, dashboards & visualization tools powering your DeFi insights at your fingertips.

Community Updates

Keep your community informed with crucial metrics and KPIs, right on the platforms where your community thrives the most.

Cohort Analysis

Dive deep into user behaviour with advanced User Retention, Cohort, and Whale Analytics for your project to optimise and retain users

Off-Chain Analysis

Seamlessly combine & query Off-Chain data with your Smart Contract, Subgraph, and On-Chain network data.

Subgraph Powered Dashboards

Use an exclusive analytics tool to query & turn subgraph data into powerful dashboards, enabling advanced analytics for your Subgraphs.

API Integration

Host and display analytics with your own UI using SDK and Chart APIs, adding a tailored experience for your team and users.
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easy to use
Power-packed features!

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Multiple Data Sources

Register multiple types of data sources and combine them for comprehensive analysis.

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Fork, Link & Share

Dashboards can be forked, linked with other dashboards, and shared with your community.

feature-icon Export Web3 Datasets web3

Export Web3 Datasets

Easily export on-chain data at any time with just a click in your favorite file formats.

feature-icon Multi-Chain Analytics web3

Multi-Chain Analytics

Display metrics from multiple networks on a single dashboard for multichain projects.

feature-icon Crypto Payment Subscriptions web3

Crypto Payment Subscriptions

Seamlessly subscribe by paying in stable coins like USDC, USDT.

feature-icon Smart Contract LiveQuery web3

Smart Contract LiveQuery

Run queries in real-time on smart contract functions and visualize insights.

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Loved by the
smartest teams in web3

Developers need easily viewable data to make effective decisions as they expand to new networks. Dapplooker’s multi-chain analytics is a powerful tool for Moonbeam developers to better understand and act on their smart contract data.

Francisco Agosti Director of Business Development - Moonbeam

Francisco Agosti

Director of Business Development - Moonbeam

DappLooker has become one of the more reliable and valuable data sources for the Celo community. As a blockchain analytics platform, DappLooker provides us with critical insights into the performance and usage of Celo-based Dapps.

Jason Partner - Celo Foundation


Partner - Celo Foundation

DappLooker native integration with subgraph has powered the fast release of much-needed dashboards. Today, Silo's core contributors and users enjoy easy access to reliable data and transparent metrics that help us propel the growth of the protocol and build a stronger community.

Aiham Jaabari Growth Lead

Aiham Jaabari

Growth Lead

DappLooker subgraph native approach makes it incredibly easy to gather and analyze data, and the ability to write custom SQL queries has been a game-changer. Overall, I highly recommend DappLooker to anyone looking for a powerful and intuitive data ingestion tool.

Derek Myer Founder & CEO DataNexus

Derek Myer

Founder & CEO DataNexus

Thanks to DappLooker, we have been able to establish a strong data-driven approach to our work, which has helped us make better-informed decisions and improve our overall performance.

Patrick Baron Founder - Moola Market

Patrick Baron

Founder - Moola Market

DappLooker is improving data analytics and visualization for Polkadot developers by partnering with SubQuery and offering more comprehensive dashboards. This will benefit the Polkadot/Kusama ecosystem.

Brittany Seales Customer Success Manager - SubQuery

Brittany Seales

Customer Success Manager - SubQuery

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